Café des Artistes Los Cabos is an exclusive restaurant where the most selected Mexican flavors are blended with gourmet French techniques to create cuisine that is constantly evolving.

The dining experience will honor the convergence and fusion of local flavors and the international cuisine art, delighting the most discerning palates seeking authentic and avant-garde creations to tempt the taste buds. A carefully selected wine cellar including the best of Baja California wines, chef’s private table and bars complement the Café des Artistes experience.

“The menu to be launched in Los Cabos is a fusion of the best dishes from 33 years of Café des Artistes, which has an established heritage and impressive tradition. We chose the flavors that our customers have liked the most over the years, revitalizing them with different local ingredients and the latest trends in cuisine, all dedicated to what we love doing most of all: dishes that showcase French techniques with mostly Mexican flavors and products.” - Chef Thierry Blouet

Fracción Hotelera FH5-C1, Subdelegación de la Playita, Puerto Los Cabos, San José del Cabo, BCS CP. 23403 MExico